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Providing a safe, clean, healthy environment for our clients and our employees since 1986.

What we do...

We specialize in the unique requirements of asbestos, mold, and lead remediation and renovation.

Certified Abatement Service, Inc. (CASI) understands the science and health issues associated with all three areas. This provides the foundation upon which to deliver the utmost quality and unparalleled service throughout Michigan.

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Lead is the fifth most widely used metal, and it represents 2% of the earth's crust. It's bluish-gray when cut, but tarnishes to dull gray once exposed to air. Water, soil, and dust can become contaminated by lead at an unsafe level...

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Toxic Mold can be found almost anywhere; it can grow on virtually any organic substance, as long as moisture and oxygen are present. There are molds that can grow on wood, paper, carpet and insulation. When excessive moisture builds up...

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Asbestos has been used through out the world because of its unique qualities. It's heat resistant, corrosion resistant, fire resistant, strong, flexible, and doesn't conduct electricity. The earliest known use of asbestos may have...

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Safety is the key to our success.

We will remedy the problem without contaminating workers or building/residence occupants. We highly recommend final air testing in order to ensure that decontamination has been effectively delivered. This provides proof that cleanup has been successful.

CASI has established our reputation by doing the job right. We pride ourselves in the delivery of outstanding client relations and complete job satisfaction. We build relationships... your satisfaction is our next client. So rest assured that we handle your project with superior and exceptional professionalism. We offer the ability to diagnose/investigate/evaluate and remediate the problem and develop the appropriate remediation strategy. CASI has integrity and expertise in the asbestos, mold, and lead remediation arena. Our vast and diverse experience allows our trained professionals to deliver on our promise... to quickly, effectively and efficiently remediate and secure a safe environment.

CASI has over 30 years experience. We are unique in this industry because we are family owned and operated. You will find our services to be hassle free and convenient. Let us improve your indoor environment today.

Check out some of our recent projects

CASI assembled a 60' tall scaffold tower and constructed a full negative pressure containment around a vertical distillation tank to remove the asbestos containing insulation at an industrial facility in Howell, Michigan.

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