Asbestos Press Releases & Links

The following articles are compelling evidence of the severe health risks associated with prolonged exposure to the asbestos. We at C.A.S.I. strongly urge you to visit these educational links. Everyone should know these important facts regarding asbestos.

Because we do not maintain the information at these sites, we cannot be responsible for it's accuracy or completeness.

OSHA Asbestos Information (OSHA)
OSHA's Asbestos Standard for General Industry /1910-1001 (OSHA)
Asbestos: NESHAP Information and Guidance Documents (EPA)
Code of Federal Regulations for Asbestos / Title 40, Part 763 (GPO)

Asbestos (ATSDR)
Asbestos (Ohio State Univ)
Asbestos (Univ. Louisville)
Asbestos (UMaryland)
Asbestos Awareness (Oklahoma State Univ. EHS)
Asbestos Awareness Training Requirements  (Oklahoma State Univ. EHS)
Asbestos Cement Building Products (Saftek)
Asbestos Facts (National Safety Council)
Asbestos in the Home (EPA Region 4)
Asbestos NESHAP Adequately Wet Guidelines (EPA)
Asbestos/NESHAP Regulated Asbestos Containing Material Guidelines (EPA)
Asbestos: What Is It? (American Lung Association)
Asbestos Exposure During Servicing of Clutch and Brake Assemblies (NIOSH)
The Asbestos Informer (EPA)
Asbestos in the Home: A Homeowner's Guide (EPA)
Asbestos Operations and Maintenance Manual (U Texas)
Asbestos Safety (Medical Consumer Guide)
The Asbestos Standard (Lab Safety Supply)
Asbestos in the Workplace: Protection Against (OSHA)
Asbestos: Statistics and Information (production info from USGS)
Asbestosis (American Lung Association)
Chrysotile Asbestos Evaluated by Health Experts(World Health Organization)
Demolition Practices Under Asbestos NESHAP (EPA)
Facts About Asbestos (US Geological Survey)
Frequently-Asked Questions (Oklahoma Dept. of Labor, Asbestos Div.)
Malignant Mesothelioma (Cancer Web)
Malignant Mesothelioma (National Cancer Institute:
Managing Asbestos in Your Home or Apartment Building (Illinois EPA)
Mesothelioma (American Lung Assoc.)
Occupational Hazards of Asbestos (American Lung Assoc.)
Occupational Lung Disease Fact Sheet (American Lung Assoc.)
Reduction of Asbestos in the Environment (Intl' Program on Chem Safety)
Safe Use of Chrysotile Asbestos: A Manual (Asbestos Institute)
Sample List of Suspect Asbestos-Containing Materials (EPA - Region 6)
Transport and Disposal of Asbestos Waste (CFR 40.763, Appendix D)
What Is Asbestos? (EPA - Region 6)

Other Resources

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
The Asbestos Institute
American Lung Association
Asbestos Abatement at OSU  (Oklahoma State Univ. EHS)





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